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a lot of fog?

Instead of watching the Olympics last night, I was working on a list of characters to help support my revised topology. My hope was to actually clear away some of the homoplasic fog, but there is clearly no point in subjecting myself to more ridicule at this time. It may be a little late for Christmas analogies, but the "reindeer games" being played here are arbitrarily restricted to parsimony-based rules, and any Rudolphs with "eclectic" red-noses are going to be marginalized. That's life.
You know the story. The oddball with the red-nose goes off and does his own thing until he is finally needed. Ironically it's strict parsimony that is increasingly fogging up the landscape, and when it really starts getting thick, maybe the peanut throwing and ridicule will finally end. Until then I'm going to do more observing and less direct participation. I need to rest more anyway.
----- Cheers,
a very tired Ken

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