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Mem.Soc.Geol.France title

Since my French is limited to asking where the radio is, or if the beach
is nearby, could someone possibly give me the proper french title of the
"Mem.Soc.Geol.France"? I translate it as "Memoirs of the Geological
Society of France", but I'm hoping to find the journal on the 'net
somewhere, and I doubt my english translation will do the trick. The
proper accents might also help.

Specifically I'm interested in:

Molnar, R.E. 1980 Australian Late Mesozoic Tetrapods: Some Implications.
Memoirs of the Geological Society of France 139:131-143

According to Norman's "Problematic Theropods: Coelurosaurs" chapter in
"The Dinosauria" (many thanks to HP Mortimer for the ref), there are
several obscure references to Australian dinosaur material that I
haven't heard of, such as the Northern Territory large ornithopod
material (listed as ?Iguanodont Indet. in Norman 1990), ornithopod
scraps from the Cadn-Owie Formation in South Australia (is this actually
part of the Maree Formation?), and Theropod Indet. material from the
Coreena Formation, which the map in Norman 1990 gives as being in the
north west of New South Wales (near Tibooburra, a God-forsaken area I've
worked in as an archaeologist). I'm guessing these are the same deposits
around White Cliff where marine reptile remains have been found.

Being Australian dinosaur material, I'm expecting undiagnostic scraps of
course. I'm also no closer to tracking down the African Kakuru-like
material, at least as far as references go. Damn those Pers.Comms!

In sort-of-related news, I noticed the latest issue of the Memoirs of
the South Australian Museum describes an elasmosaur skull fragment
(basocranium?). It's written by Ben Kear, who is currently preparing the
"Addyman Plesiosaur" at the S.A.Museum (which is a separate specimen to
that described in the paper). I recently added the Addyman Plesiosaur to
my marine reptiles pages. Hey, how about that? A plug for my websites!
Don't know how that slipped in... :)


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