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Re: Dino Gas

You wrote:

     I know how much a dino could "poop" but what about gas, i mean today cows ar the leading producers of methane on the planet, but 100 million years ago duckbill's, trike's and stego's were just as common and they weighed 4-8 times heavier, not to mention the many 50 to 100 ton sauropods.  I wouldn't want to be behind one of those when it decided to let one rip
What's with all the dirty subjects lately, first we have the dino-vomit and now we have their indigestion-problems... IIRC Bakker said that we all had to look at dinosaurs as real animals in every smelly glory they (paleontologists) come up with, but dino-farting??? Well, I wouldn't think JP wasn't as impressive as it was when the big ol' mean T. rex farted! It could well very possibly be and the smell that must have come from it must have been huge, but I don't think it is valuable as a subject of the list. Opinions can differ of course, perhaps, someone out there is a gas-ologist of some sorts and is specialized in this sort of stuff, but with no real evidence concering dinosaur-organs, the development of gas in dinosaurs is still a mather of dispute.