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Mike Keesey wrote, quoting Gauthier and de Quieroz:
<<Galloanserae_ = Clade(_Phasianus [Gallus] gallus_ + _Anas [Anser] anser_)
("Pangalloanserae" suggested for Clade(_Phasianus gallus_, _Anas anser_
<-- _Fringilla domestica_).)>>

Plus many other stem based taxa with more than one inclusive anchor.  I thought that this could not be possible, because a topology like this [which is technically possible, we don't have the hindsight of the creator of the universe]:


would indicate that this supposed stem based clade  is actually composed of two different stems that are serial outgroups to Fringilla, and polyphyletic.

Am I missing something here?

Peter Buchholz