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Re: Dinosaur trackway questions

On Tue, 12 Feb 2002 18:51:44  
 Jordan Mallon wrote:

>Also, I was wondering about the status of the supposed "swimming theropod" 
>trackway, attributable to the _Eubrontes_ ichnogenus and described by Coombs 
>(1980).  Is it still considered valid?  Has there ever been any controversy 
>surrounding this fossil?

Jordan et al.,
As far as I know, the "swimming" _Eubrontes_ is still considered valid.  I 
haven't seen any published works to express otherwise, and it is certainly 
treated as a valid hypothesis at Dinosaur State Park (not that that really 
means anything scientifically, but...).

Judging by Coombs' paper, the evidence seems to fit.  The tracks were very 
similar to trackways produced by modern terrestrial "swimmers," IIRC.


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