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Re: Ji and Ji's Classification

> (It's kind of odd to me that two
> Chinese researchers are writing about how to define an English word [...])

I'm sure niao3 is the 1 : 1 equivalent. There are no flightless birds in
China that might jumble folk taxonomies. Not sure about bats, but there's an
extra word for them in any case.

> They all seem kind of useless to me. "Aptilonia", "Eoptilonia" and
> "Chuniaoia" (any guesses as to the etymology on that one?)

Looks Chinese: chu-niao-. See above for my GUESS of -niao-.

> "Orthornithes" = Confuciusornithidae or
> Confuciusornithiformes)

What's actually "straight" about them as opposed to Eu- and Enantiornithes?