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Re: Ji and Ji's Classification

On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, Mickey_Mortimer11 wrote:

> So, Metatheropoda is Sinosauropteryx + Compsognathus + Neornithes?

Well, maybe. Like I said, these are just shown in the diagram and not
mentioned in the text. They may have had an apomorphy-based definition or
even no strict definition in mind, for all I know.

> Would be very close to Coelurosauria and probably synonymous with
> Avifilopluma sensu stricto.

_Avifilopluma_ is almost certainly a more inclusive clade. How much more?
We have no idea.

> And why the meta- prefix?

Got me. They're "above" normal theropods?

> I suppose there's not a Protarchaeopterygidae yet, so Chuniaoia actually has
> a use. :-(

Not if it's a synonym of _Protarchaeopteryx_ ;)

> Orthornithes is the stem of Confuciusornithidae (Confuciusornis +
> Changchengornis).  Confuciusornithiformes would be a better stem, but hasn't
> been defined.

Neither has Orthornithes, as far as I can tell.

> May be useful?!  Do these people know how uncommon epidermal structures are
> in the fossil record?
> Would "natal down" be like the tufts in Sinornithosaurus?  If so, Aviplumosa
> sensu stricto would be the enigmosaur-paravian clade,

Well, slightly more inclusive, in all probability.

> Avipinna sensu stricto is... um.... also that clade.  Based on
> Protarchaeopteryx and Caudipteryx again.
> Aviremigia sensu stricto on the other hand is.... also, that clade.  Based
> on the same taxa.
> So, Dromavialae = Aviplumosa = Avipinna = Aviremigia.  Take your pick.

They would be different in terms of membership if we had more data. But,
yeah, I don't see any real use for these, myself.

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