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RE: Gauthier & de Quieroz et al.

Quoting "Williams, Tim" <TiJaWi@agron.iastate.edu>:

> Stephan Pickering wrote:
> I remember
> vividly the media hoopla over the Egyptian sauropod based upon
> fragments, which is Sauropoda indet., should not have been
> given a name, etc. etc. 
Excuse me?  I am sure that you have seen this material first hand, have 
spent weeks analyzing it and examining it and have compared it to as 
many taxa as the authors did, and have been able to objectively conclude 
that it deserves to be designated as Titanosauriformes indet.  Oh, wait, 
excuse me, you meant Sauropoda indet.   Perhaps you wrote it 
incorrectly and your in depth analysis of this material actually led you 
to conclude that it is Dinosauria indet.  I am sure the reviewers of 
this manuscript would be forever in your debt if you were to illustrate 
their errors for them.  You might, while you are at it, also define for 
us all just exactly what the word fragment means to you.  


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