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Sinovenator image

For those of you interested in seeing a restoration of Sinovenator, I have
just completed one for Peter Mackovicky that is on this Field Museum address
http://www.fieldmuseum.org/museum_info/press/press_sinovenator.htm  I had a
very short turn around time in which to complete the artwork and in
reviewing the image we determined the skull had a more triangular shape with
larger, more juvenile orbits then what is showing in the first version.  I
have modified the head to reflect these changes as well as further detailing
the rest of the rendering, HOWEVER, due to a series of unexpected technical
circumstances (that I won't belabour the list with), it may take a little
while before the revamped version is uploaded to replace the original. Time
constraints dictated that we needed to run with the more "adult" version of
Sinovenator in order to meet press deadlines. This delay also unfortunately
resulted in the image not being available for inclusion with the release in

As Tom Holtz has stated, this is yet another in the all star cast parading
out of the exposures in Liaoning province, with more to follow. Stay tuned .
. .

Mike Skrepnick