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RE: Gauthier & de Quieroz et al.

Dan Varner wrote:

<< By the way... a previous post mentioned Coomb's (1980) paper on
> >tracks of
> >swimming sauropods.  Does anyone know of a paper which mentions 
> >evidence for such behavior in theropods? >>
>Coombs paper was about theropod swimming. 

Of course it was.  D'oh!

Pete Buchholz wrote:

>So what if parsimony doesn't come up with the tree you constructed in >your
head?  What are you left with in the absense or parsimony?  

Birds evolving from _Longisquama_-like "avimorph" diapsids, among other

By the way (in response to a long-ago post), I'm not denying the importance
of "hunches" in science, such as in framing hypotheses.  However, I am
opposed to hunches alone being used to advance conclusions, with data being
marshalled _ad hoc_ in support of that conclusion (and enough said on that,
the better).  

Personally, I have a "hunch" that _Blikanasaurus_ may be a weird,
quadrupedal basal saurischian (rather than a basal sauropodomorph).  I also
suspect George may be on the money w.r.t lots of terrestrial theropods being
derived from flighted ancestors.  Unfortunately (or not), current data does
not support either scenario at the moment, and we have to live with what it
does tell us.



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