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R: Gauthier & de Quieroz et al.

Early last January I went to an exihibit in Bologna (a city in central
northern Italy ) and some nice specimens were on display(dinos, obviously).
Among those, an undescribed incompletely preserved dromaeosaurid (at least
labelled as such...it indeed resembled quite closely "Dave" and
Sinornithosaurus) and a Caudipteryx specimen, both numbered LPM  _ _ _ _
(don't remember the numbers, sorry....anyway I'm [hopefully]  gonna get
there again before the exihibition moves to Ancona, a city in central
italy,and may write them down).
What does LPM stands for?

another -more complete- dromie was present in the form of a photo ;
appendages and all, and I would have thought it was "Dave" if it hadn't been
in a completely different pose.

I guess we'll read something about those guys.....