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Re: Introducing: Sinovenator changii

> <The cf. *Sinornithosaurus* specimen:>
>   Problematically, this appelation is not correct, as the authors never
> stated such a referral. This stems from the specimen falling out as next
> to *Sinornithosaurus millenii* in Mickey Mortimer's analysis and
> subsequently becoming referred to that taxon by conferrence, by Mickey.
> [...] The "cf. Sinornithosaurus" label
> should be held in reserve for the moment.

cf. is short for confer which means compare (imperative). "I can't say what
it is, but compare it to *Sinornithosaurus*, it's sorta kinda similar, maybe
you'll find something interesting" is the full translation AFAIK, I've used
it that way, and I think that's a pretty good idea until someone figures out
what it actually is.