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Well as far as Im concerned there isint a skull reconstruction as the skull is fragmented(there is so much limited material in angaturama that scientists arent 100% positive that it is from the dinosauria)
 Anyhow, I am also in search of some angaturama material (so far I have only found a good picture, but for some reson Im not able to get it, it might be a computer problem, so check out this link: http://images.google.com/images?q=angaturama&hl=en&btnG=Google+Search there is a prety good picture of angaturama so you can get at least a prespective of how it looks like)
 Well thats about it, if I do find anything Il send it up to the list, meanwhile if you want technical data on angaturama, try the dinosaur encyclopidia or dino data
here are the links
 The dinosaur encyclopedia: http://www.isgs.uiuc.edu/dinos/de_4/5a6582a.htm
 DinoData: http://www.dinodata.net/Dd/Namelist/TABA/A130.htm
 These ae direct links to angaturam stuff
           Hope Ive been of some use!