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New dinobird "Sinovenator"

The description of Sinovenator prompts to delurk momentarily on coelurosaurian systematics. The authors decision to assign Sinovenator as a "Troodont" is apparently being accepted with little challenge. I somewhat disagree.
It seems to me to be too specialized to be a truly primitive troodont, and it's inclusion therein is probably premature. For the time being, I prefer to leave it as an independent clade (plesion) between the troodonts and Archaeopterygiformes (sensu lato) as follows:

   1  Troodontiformes Kinman, 2002?
             1  Plesion Sinornihoides
             2  Pl. Byronosaurus
             3  Troodontidae
   ?  Plesion Bagaraatan
   2  Plesion Sinoventator
   3  Archaeopterygiformes
             1 Dromaeosauridae

Note that this is a simple addition of Plesion Sinovenator to my previous classificiation (along with the proposed elevation of troodonts from plesion status to full Ordinal status). I actually suspect that Sinovenator will actually be a member of Archaeopterygiformes, more derived than Family Dromaeosauridae (sensu stricto). But it may remain as a separate clade unto itself (as above) or possibly even a basal clade of Troodontiformes (my third choice at the present time). If more primitive troodontiforms are found, I would expect them to be propubic to mesopubic (not opisthopubic like Sinovenator). We shall see.
---------- Cheers, Ken Kinman

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