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Re:dinoexhibit (was: Gauthier & de Quieroz et al.)

A sort of coupon (shame: only in Italian) of this exhibit with few drawings and dates can be seen at

At 22.50 14/02/02 +0100, you wrote:

From: Steve Brusatte

> What exhibit was this?  Is it only appearing in Italy/Europe?

**** "Feathered Dinosaurs: flying into evolution"

I've read it has been organized (not without problems, but I guess it's
normal in these cases) by the Universities of Bologna and Ancona in
collaboration with  a chinese institution (does anybody out there know what
LPM means??); I think that, in this form, it will be present only in Ancona
after Bologna, but somebody else might have organized something else
somewhere else, just not to miss the opportunity while those specimens are
still in Europe.

> BTW, unless it is too much of a drive (or train ride!), I would suggest
that you revisit the exhibit when it appears in Ancona!  Ancona is a
beautiful city (and relatively close to Gubbio, right?) :-)

**** I think I'll be too busy studying  to be able to get to
Ancona.....Haven't been able to get to Milan to take a look at the
"saltriosaur" yet, even if it's just a hour and a half away from here by

anyway,thanks for the suggestion:-)

> Dreaming of Italy,
> Steve


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