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RE: Introducing: Sinovenator changii

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

> > Sadly, also, the _Sinovenator_ specimen does not preserve the
> >on the foot.  Otherwise, the specimen provides very little to complain
> >about.

>Oh, but it does.  

Yep, mea culpa.  I misread the character matrix in the Suppl. Info.
_Sinovenator_ *does* have a "sickle-claw".

>The data matrix codes "Penultimate phalanx of pedal
>digit II highly modified for extreme hyper-extension, ungual more >strongly
>and about 50% larger than that of III" as being present.

Perhaps this should be coded as 2 separate characters.  I thought
_Patagopteryx_ had the modified penultimate phalanx, w/o the enlarged
ungual.  (And, perhaps Archie as well.)

Ken Kinman wrote:

>  It seems to me to be too specialized to be a truly primitive 
>troodont, and it's inclusion therein is probably premature.  

*teeth gritted*   Based.  On.  What.  Evidence.  ?



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