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"Sinovenator" (followup)

Dear All,
I'm correcting a couple of small typos in my classification post last night. I will also take this opportunity to add "cf. Sinornithosaurus" to my classification. I agree with Mickey that "Dromaeosauridae gen. & sp. indet." is far too imprecise.
Also, here is an example of how I code polytomies. Troodontidae and the two plesia are coded as a trichotomy, until I feel certain that one of those plesia is more closely related to Troodontidae than the other (and want to take another look at Koparion---whatever it is).
And finally, let me express how saddened I am that anyone would even suggest basing clade names on feather characteristics (Avifilopluma, Avipinna, Aviremigia, Aviplumosa). Although I do favor apomorphy-based taxa, basing them on feathers is so nonsensical that I would think it would demonstrate that my controversial Aves (sensu lato) is really not so radical afterall. And remember that my apomorphy-based definition is not yet finalized (the "true" semilunate may yet be shifted to the "supportive" character list).
------ Cheers, Ken

 1  Troodontiformes Kinman, 2002?***
         1  Plesion Sinornithoides
         A  Pl. Byronosaurus
         A  Troodontidae
 ?  Plesion Bagaraatan
 2  Plesion Sinovenator
 3  Archaeopterygiformes (paraphyletic)
         1  Dromaeosauridae
         B  "utahraptorid" family
         2  Pl. Pyroraptor
         3  Pl. Bambiraptor
         B  Velociraptoridae
         4  Pl. Sinornithosaurus
         B  cf. Sinornithosaurus (NGMC 91)           5  Pl. Microraptor
         ?  Pl. Unenlagia
         6  Pl. Rahonavis
         7  Archaeopterygidae
         8  {{expanded Metornithes}}
_1_ Yandangornithiformes
 ?  Pl. Sapeornis
 2  Mononykiformes ....
      .... the rest of "Metornithes"

***NOTE: The name Troodontiformes is obviously just an Internet name, and it has no formal standing in the literature at the present time.

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