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R: Introducing: Sinovenator changii

From: Williams, Tim
> Ken Kinman wrote:
> >  It seems to me to be too specialized to be a truly primitive
> >troodont, and it's inclusion therein is probably premature.
> *teeth gritted*   Based.  On.  What.  Evidence.  ?
> Tim

Stop worrying about Ken's  weather(or olympics games results or whatever
completely unrelated to the topics discussed here)-influenced
statements......who cares if the authors have run a phylogenetic analysis
and found the reported results, if we have the vague impression that their
result may be wrong???

I'm still trying to find out WHAT ON EARTH may lead Ken to decide his vague
impressions are not right (in case they aren't, which cannot be taken for
sure a priori), if the point he's arguing against , and those that may
eventually confirm one hypothesis or another, are derived from analyses
based on principles he doesn't agree with......boh

***Ken, please, stop discussing of your uncertainties wth people unable to
answer to anything you say  because they speak a completely different
"language".  It's frustrating to hear you say "i don't know why all have
accepted such a strange result immediately without arguing against it"!!!