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Terror of the terrible Theropods! :)

Hi all!   
Could anyone help me with some info or pictures of the following genera?
- Chilantaisaurus (both C. maortuensis and C. t.)
- skull remains of Adasaurus
- limb bones of Xenotarsosaurus
- skeletal elements of Dryptosaurus (with scale)
- skeletal remains of Santaraptor (I have this nagging suspicion, based on the model of it's skeleton, that it could very   well be a Oviraptorid based on the overall similarities of the pelvis)
Here's something that has crossed my mind about Angaturama: it may turn out to be the front part of a pterosaur-skull. Look at that pterosaurs from China, Huanpterus or Gnathosaurus from Germany, they evolved a similair kind of crest on their point of the snout. Take this into account coupled with what you know of the Santana-formation (most famously known for it's pterosaur material), it may well turn out to be that Angaturama is a pterosaur!
Oh yeah, before I forget: great thanks to everyone from my friend for helping with it's schoolproject!  
Thanks in advance (and the second version of Irritator is making good progress bye the way, this time, including a lower jaw)
Rutger Jansma)