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Re: Dinosaur trackway questions

In a message dated 2/15/02 9:33:14 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
emmar@ldeo.columbia.edu writes:

<< If you look at deep undertracks, in cases where you have the 3D recorxd of 
the track (ie a thick slab that has been sliced through at diff. layers) you 
end up, deep down, w/ essentially the same morpholopgy as you see at Rocky 
Hill (Coombs 'swimming tracks'). Now, please enlighten me, if a dino is 
swimming and its toes grazing the bottom.....how do the aforementioned toes 
'graze' through, in these 3D cases, 6 inches or more of soft sediment? >>

       I see now, thanks for the explaination. It was nice to get one for a 
change. I look forward to the book. DV