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worm transmitted through dinosaur mailing list

As Dave Friend noted, the dinosaur list has received a worm
apparently sent by Darren Naish's computer.  Many of us are protected
by software that did not let the worm through.  The web archive site
was protected (I got the bounce).  The archive at USC was not or the
virus wouldn't have made it to the list.  That will have to be

Near as I can tell (I didn't get the message and am relying on the
complaints registered by other machines) Darren's message did not have
a subject line.  The worm was contained in an attachment called

If you are worried at all that your system is infected, please take
steps to remove the worm.  It was the W32/Klez.gen@MM worm.
Information about it can be obtained at:




Although I don't think it's in the administrivia, we at dinosaur list
management do not condone the transmission of viruses and worms.

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)