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RE: African Kakuru-like material ( was Mem.Soc.Geol.France title)

<<Apparently the Kakuru-like material from Africa was discussed by
Philippe Taquet at last years SVP, and a (french) paper is in the works.>>

I talked to Ralph today, and thats exactly what he said.  To be precise, the
material was VERY briefly described in the following paper:

Taquet, Phillippe. 1985. "Two new Jurassic specimens of coelurosaurs
(Dinosauria)" in The Beginnings of Birds: Proceedings of the International
Archaeopteryx Conference, Eichstaett 1984 (M.K. Hecht, J.H. Ostrom, G.
Viohl, and P. Wellnhofer eds.): p. 229-232.

I talked to Philippe at this years SVP, and he said that Ronan Allain is
working on the material.

Randall Irmis