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Re: New Cretaceous bird and other papers

> If these clades split at this time, and they both appear and behave in a
> broadly similar way now, doesn't this mean that they appeared and behaved
> in a broadly similar way then--that there were falcon-like neornithines in
> the Cretaceous?  I mean, if they were both generic bird-things back then,
> why would they share so mant things today?  Please be gentle.

:-) I'll try -- I'll just question the reliability of molecular clock
estimates that cross the times of mass extinctions. Also, when you take the
lower end of the range, you might end up with Accipitridae and Falconidae
separating just after the K-T -- as part of the Paleocene neornithine
radiation. Well, who knows. Let's find a fossils. Unfortunately most will be
in Antarctica respectively eroded off it by glaciers. :.-(