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> > I do think it is pertinent to mention that only maniraptors have been
> found with fuzz. No other coelurosaurs have shown this. In fact, those that
> have had impressions found (i.e. the tyrannosaur impressions, and yeah, I
> know it's another big guy) have all shown scales. So, it would seem that
> maniraptora would be the starting point for this fuzz stuff, not
> coelurosauria.
> Not true,  Sinosauropteryx has filaments and is almost certainly a basal
> coelurosaur, outside of maniraptoriformes.  I have my doubts it's even a
> compsognathid (credit for first having this idea goes to Nick Longrich, way
> back in April of 2000), probably being more basal than Compsognathus.


News to me, last I checked the compsognathids (sino included) were considered 
to be at least maniraptoriformes (basal maniraptors).

Has there been any new published info on its placement (heh, there's probably a 


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