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> And it is certainly very disturbing to see
> Chinese scientists calling pterosaurs "feathered" if all they had were
> hairlike bristles.

The authors of *Jeholopterus* (which is BTW from Inner Mongolia, not
Liaoning, but close) say they can't tell its "fur" apart from
*Sinosauropteryx* feathers. They hold off a judgment whether it's

> Even once exapted for brooding, only the posterior parts of
> the adult would *need* to be covered with brooding bristles.

I don't understand your argument. A naked underside and wing feathers help
greatly in brooding.


> News to me, last I checked the compsognathids (sino included) were
considered to be at least maniraptoriformes (basal maniraptors).
> Has there been any new published info on its placement (heh, there's
probably a bunch)?
> Jura

The last few times I checked (mostly in the archives) compsognathids were a
part of the basal coelurosaur mess. Maniraptoriformes includes by definition
Arctometatarsalia, Maniraptora and their MRCA; basal maniraptors are of
course in Maniraptora, Compsognathidae rarely is.