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RE: New Cretaceous bird and other papers

> From: David Marjanovic
> _Nothing_ should dissuade us from looking for fossils _anywhere_. But
> Neornithes seems to have originated and diversified in South America +
> Antarctica + Australia, so down there we have the greatest chance
> of finding
> interesting LK Neornithes.

I'm not comfortable drawing *any* large-scale biogeographical conclusions at
this point, given our pathetic sample sizes of birds.

In a year of sorting matrix from several hyperproductive microsites in the
Hell Creek Fm., I have yet to come across any recognizable bird remains
whatsoever. Our lab was very excited when we found a single tibiotarsus.
Birds just don't fossilize well.

And even with these small sample sizes, we have still found some neornithine
remains in the Northern Hemisphere, right? Neogaeornis... is that still a

Mike D.