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Re: Dinosaur Genera List update #183

> Later there were these emails concerning Sinovenator to the dinosaur list
> >from David Marjanovic (which, incidentally, never arrived here), Nick
> Pharris, and Ben Creisler:


> with the emendation credited to whoever gets it into print first (ideally,
> one or more of the original authors).

Just in case... I won't publish it, feel free not to mention me, whoever
will publish :-)

> [...]
> I tried to send this message to the DML, but for some reason it doesn't
> appear on the archives.

I didn't get it either.

>   http://www.magtech.ab.ca/jurassic/averianov.htm
> Don't forget to look at the other projects:
>   http://www.magtech.ab.ca/jurassic/prevgrnt.htm

Interesting, interesting. And one more probable MJ "dromaeosaur"... though
unfortunately just another tooth.