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Re: New Cretaceous bird and other papers

 Bois wrote:
> > You are saying (I think) that neornithines
> > outcompeted enantiornithines in the Antarctic and (presumably) other parts
> > of Gondwana.  The "event", then, just greased the wheels for neos,
> > facilitating their inevitable global domination a little earlier.=20

Pharris wrote: 
 > That's a fairly egregious _non sequitur_.  In the absence of a K-T
event, it might well have been that "enantiornithines" (whatever those
end up being)  would have dominated the north and neornithines the south,
right up to the present day--much like marsupials and placentals.  We'll
never know.

In terms of abilty to disperse, mammals are wingless apples to birds
volant oranges.  Not a fair comparison, I mean.  I thought we had been
through this before and decided birds were much more likely to be able to
migrate global distances--this makes it less of a _non sequitur_ anyway.