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New South Australian Dinosaurs

This just in (I've always wanted to say that...)

>Find lifts SA dino family
>By Science Reporter BRADY HARAN
>SOUTH Australia's dinosaur family has two new members ? a giant beast
>taller than a house and a rooster-sized vegetarian. The discoveries
>were made recently in the state's opal fields and the fossilised
>fragments have been acquired by the SA Museum...

See the url for more.
If it doesn't work (it worked fine for me) then go to:
http://www.dinosaurnews.org --> dinonews --> find lifts SA dino family

The 7m large onrithopod sounds suspiciously like a Muttaburrasaurus-like
animal. The baby hypsie vert may suggest that hypsilophodonts may have
used the more southerly reaches of Oz to nest in (since embryonic
material is also known from the Victorian sites). Perhaps a bit like
geese that nest in polar regions.

Ben Kear has certainly been busy lately...


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