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Re: Would like some opinions about a couple of books

  I read the Fiffer book and was quite pleased, since I am in
attorney/paleontologist mode, with the way he set out and explained the
situation without being too lawyeristic.  It's geared to the
paleontologically uninitiated but maintains its high level of intrigue,
enough to make you want to go through the entire incredibly sorry, but
well-researched story.  I don't agree with some of the assessments but, all
in all, worth the price.  (it was a far better deal in paperback)

Patricia Kane-Vanni, Esq.
pkv1@erols.com  or  pkvanni@sas.upenn.edu

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Subject: Would like some opinions about a couple of books

> Returning from deep lurk mode.
> Last month the library sent me a three books about
> dinosaurs which I found very interesting.
> I have limited book space and limited funds so I have
> to select new books carefully.
> The first book I was wondering about is:-
> Frankel, Charles. 1999. "The End of the Dinosaurs:-
> Chicxulub Crater and Mass Extinctions".
> The second was:-
> Fiffer, Steve. 2000.  "Tyrannosaurus Sue:- The
> Extraordinary Saga of the Largest, Most Fought Over T.
> Rex Ever Found".
> I was also  wondering about what are some good college
> level Vertebrate Paleontology texts.  My last one is
> Romer and Parsons which is quite a bit out of date.
> All information gratefully received.
> Lora
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