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Re: Chinshakiangosaurus Elaao, 1956

In a message dated 2/18/02 3:26:05 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
m.moser@lrz.uni-muenchen.de writes:

<< Dear all,
 in a list of 'Chinese dinosaur genera' in Zhang (2001: 287) I found
 Chinshakiangosaurus zhongheensis Elaao, 1956 
 listed under Melanorosauridae.
 Does anybody have a citation of that work?
 Chinshakiangosaurus has been previously attributed to Yeh, 1975 [nomen
 nudum]. >>

This appears to be another one of those pesky misspellings/typos that plague 
popular books on Chinese dinosaurs. I'll be quite surprised if there really 
is a reference Elaao, 1956.