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Re: Would like some opinions about a couple of books

As one of the people who did not come off well in this book, may I say that no 
one I know on the government side was contacted by the author in any way? I did 
not know about the book until just before it was published, and neither did my 
colleagues. It would certainly have been better legal and scientific reportage 
if all sides had been allowed to weigh in. But no one I know refused to 
cooperate--we were never even given the chance to do so. Cheers, Sally

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< I have limited book space and limited funds so I have
to select new books carefully. >

< The second was:-  >

< Fiffer, Steve. 2000.  "Tyrannosaurus Sue:- The
Extraordinary Saga of the Largest, Most Fought Over T.
Rex Ever Found".  >

I also read this book, and the most interesting passage is the one excerpted 
at the book sellers' web sites.  The book is slim for a saga, with much 
filler such as the history of paleontology thrown in.  Few (one?) 
paleontologists would cooperate with  Mr. Fiffer either, and the book is 
written with a one-sided point of view.  

There is indeed an extraordinary story surrounding this T. rex, but we are 
still waiting for the paper.