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Vertebrate Notes / Kheper Site

Title: Vertebrate Notes / Kheper Site

Alan Kazlev (the Kheper site at, e.g., http://www.kheper.auz.com/gaia/biosphere/vertebrates/vertebrates.htm) and I have been experimenting with various ways of coordinating the Notes with the paleo material on the Kheper site.  Both have outgrown their present homes and we plan to move the two sites fairly soon.  In the meantime, we apologize for any bad links, slow connections, etc.

Since the combined materials will require something on the order of 100Mb disk space and 15 Gb/mo bandwidth, even without allowing for growth, we'd also appreciate any suggestions for cheap real estate on the net (reply off-list, please).  For a variety of reasons, we can't carry most advertising, so this is all out-of-pocket expense.

  --Toby White
The Vertebrate Notes at