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RE: Dinosaur discoveries wow Boston

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\uc1\pard\plain\deftab360 \f0\fs20\cf0 How much of that Spinosaur was recovered? Any idea anyone?\par
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Jack Kolb (kolb@ucla.edu) reported:\par
<Duck muzzle\par
The spinosaur was uncovered in Niger, Africa, on what Dr Sereno said was\par
an amazing expedition which brought away 20 tonnes of fossils and rock.\par
The spinosaur specimen was found within 80 kilometres of the site of the\par
dwarf crocodile skull also displayed at the AAAS meeting.\par
This fossil came from a 60-centimetre-long animal that has yet to receive\par
a formal classification but which has been dubbed the "duck croc" because\par
of its unusual jaws.\par
"It has a muzzle that looks like a duck," Dr Sereno said. "It's very broad\par
but the upper jaw hangs over the lower jaw, so viewed from the side you\par
don't even see the lower jaw. There's no interaction between the teeth at\par
  Can anyone say, "Anatosuchus"? :)\par
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