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Leptocleidus question

Not quite a dinosaur (not even close really), but seeing as Ben Kear's
name keeps popping up in regards to South Australian material recently,
does anyone know off-hand whether the juvenile Leptocleidus specimen has
been published in Lethaia yet? It was submitted some time in 2001, so it
may be a while yet.

It's interesting that around 95% of the marine reptile remains from
South Australia are from juvenile animals, giving rise to the thought
that the polar waters in the area may have been used as a birthing
ground. Particularly given the number of juvenile (and sometimes
embryonic) hypsilophodontid material that appears in the more southerly
sites as well, perhaps indicating a preference for colder climates to
nest in (a la some modern geese). Perhaps a predator avoidance strategy?

(for info on the spectacularly opalised Addyman Plesiosaur, and on the
amount of juvenile marine reptile remains being recovered)


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