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RE: New papers in Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

On the contrary, I think therizinosaurs branching off between dromaeosaurs and Archaeopteryx is extremely unlikely. I believe they will drop back down between ornithomimosaurs and dromaeosaurs.
But one has to take the good with the bad, and be skeptical of everything. This paper certainly caught me offguard, but not as much as it will many others who thought enigmosauria was pretty much a "done deal". Skepticism can be a very healthy thing in moderation.
------- Ken
P.S. It is a shame that troodonts, mononykiforms, and enaniornithines weren't included. But I'm still quite happy with these results overall. I'll have to look into a therizinosaur-dromaeosaur relationship, but I still think therizinosaurs are more primitive than dromaeosaurs or troodonts. I think even Mickey Mortimer will be surprised at the results of his analysis (in April?). I can hardly W4MA.
Tim Williams wrote:

Ken Kinman wrote:

> WOW!! What an extraordinary cladogram. Needless to say, Clade B is music to my ears (and eyes).

Yep, after all that phylogeny-shopping, you've finally found one that you like.

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