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Re: New papers in Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

calzola wrote-

> Mickey, had you already contacted the authors of the paper before writing
> THAT email to the DML?  :-)))

:-)  Nope, I had no idea that paper was in the works.  And an interesting
paper it is.  With that and the Ostrom volume in my hands, I'm overflowing
in coelurosaur analyses.
I think including "enantiornithines" or even non-neornithine euornithines
would have changed the topology.

Ken Kinman wrote-

> It is a shame that troodonts, mononykiforms, and enaniornithines
> weren't included.

The first two were included in a "preliminary analysis", but excluded from
the final analysis because of the amount of missing data.  I find this hard
to believe, as such things as Chirostenotes and Nomingia _were_ included,
but are known from more fragmentary remains.  The topology was the same in
the preliminary analysis, but troodontids were the sister group of
dromaeosaurids and alvarezsaurids were the most basal avialans, between
dromaeosaurids and segnosaurs.  Microvenator was also included and was (get
this) the sister group of "Oviraptor" (=Rinchenia) mongoliensis.

Mickey Mortimer