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RE: VERY Stupid question, but I dont know the answer...

<<Hopefully PhyloCode will sort all this out.>>

Mike Keesey wrote in response:


  Boo! Hisss!

  Unneccessary. Application to the ICZN on the redesignation of an
available type may be better in some cases, and this might be preferrable
(Troodontidae, Titanosauridae), whereas in others (Ceratopsidae,
Hadrosauridae) the nominative taxa are poorly preserved, but may still
provide diagnostic reference. If they do not, then the name may be either
a) redefined or, b) suppressed and a replacement chosen. This may also be
true for Nodosauridae, a type which is rather poor in quality and scant in
diagnostic "flavor". However, it takes only _one_ apomorphy which can be
derived from the material to save a type.

  Sometimes, it can serve well to work _within_ the system.

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