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Re: What happens if we purposely make a taxon non-eponymous?

On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Mickey_Mortimer11 wrote:

> For instance, say I name a non-neoceratosaur "Neoceratosaurus", a
> non-sauropod "Sauropus" or a non-marginocephalian "Marginocephale".
> This makes the clade non-eponymous, which isn't allowed.  But the ICZN
> can't reject my name for that reason.  Will that force the renaming of
> the clades in question (sure to piss a lot of people off), or could you
> petition the ICZN for another genus name?  Or would people just put up
> with it because the clades weren't named after the genus?

>From the Draft PhyloCode:

"11.8. In the interest of consistency with the preexisting codes, a clade
whose name is converted from a genus name under a preexisting code, or is
derived from the stem of a genus name, should include the type of the
genus name. Therefore, when a clade name is converted from a preexisting
genus name or is a new or converted name derived from the stem of a genus
name, the definition of the clade name must use the type species of that
genus as an internal specifier."

So, no, you wouldnt have to change anything. For example, _Archosauria_
need not include _Archosaurus_, since _Archosauria_ was named
independently of that genus, and not derived from it.

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