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very general remark

Dear dinosaurs,

Many people on this list use biology of living animals and ecology of
modern ecosystems to understand the paleo-world. However, their opinions
in this subject are very often doubtful or incorrect. This suggests that
many people here have very limited knowledge in zoology and ecology.
Unfortunately, this means that because evidence is wrong, much of
conclusions will also be wrong. For some time I thought that people who do
it are all beginners or have casual interest, but to my surprise I
discovered similar mistakes in more "serious" articles.

Examples of recent stringy or false opinions were: poorly flying birds
cannot colonise through the oceans, terrestial birds with long legs are
adapted for running, top carnivores can be primarily scavengers, predation
on predators is rare.

I guess, this happens because the field of paleontology is separated from
the fields of ecology and biology, and I am, so to speak, the first
monster to invade this peaceful Ediacaran world :). If so, read some
review books in bird and mammal ecology and behavioural, community and
general ecology. This will give you the competitive edge of T-rex in a
herd of juvenile hardosaurs, to put it in simple words :).

Two examples can be: Del Hoyo, Handbook of the birds of the world
(expensive, but very detailed available in public libraries) and
Krebs and Davies: Introduction to behavioural ecology.