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Re: very general remark

Jerzy Dyczkowski wrote:

> ......................This suggests that
> many people here have very limited knowledge in zoology and ecology.
> Unfortunately, this means that because evidence is wrong, much of
> conclusions will also be wrong.
> ..................................
> I guess, this happens because the field of paleontology is separated from
> the fields of ecology and biology,

Friends of mine who are into flight mechanics have noticed similar problems
with the assumptions made and conclusions drawn about the interface between
animal flight and paleontology.  I don't see anything wrong with this because
the misperceptions can illuminate the reasoning processes involved and give
insight into where the individual is coming from.  It works in both
directions.  The guys who are into aerodynamics don't always know much about
biology and they sometimes make some silly assumptions about the animals.  And
the folks who are into other things sometimes make assumptions about flight
and how flight loads are handled that perhaps aren't quite correct (for
example the occasional assumption that lift forces produced during flapping
flight are analogous to the forces produced when rowing a boat).  But everyone
exchanging information provides additional knowledge to all that can be quite
useful.  I don't know much about either flight or animals, so I find it all

All the best,