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Re: very general remark

In a message dated Thu, 21 Feb 2002  9:40:32 AM Eastern Standard Time, Jerzy 
Dyczkowski jerzyd@poczta.ibb.waw.pl writes:

< This suggests that many people here have very limited knowledge in zoology 
and ecology.  Unfortunately, this means that because evidence is wrong, much of
conclusions will also be wrong. For some time I thought that people who do it 
are all beginners or have casual interest, but to my surprise I discovered 
similar mistakes in more "serious" articles.>

We at DML Central would also like to emphasize a point made in the 
Administrivia, under Section 10a: "Why you shouldn't post on things you don't 
know much about."
     And, particularly at times like now when the 
     chatter is high, please try to filter your 
     participation.  If you don't know a lot about a
     subject, don't try to answer questions about 
     it.  If a response you're writing is not likely
     to be of general interest, send that response to
     the sender of the original message rather than 
     to the whole list.  If you find yourself writing
     to the list several times in a day, try to
     remember that the list doesn't exist just to 
     hear your opinions.

We would rather not have wrong information perpetuated in the archives.