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Re: Triassic protofeathers and fake-heads

Aspidel wrote:
>I've read somewhere (I don't recall where) that the european
>remains were from a juvenile and that this dino might have been as big as
>_Dilophosaurus_ (there were big _Plateosaurus_ to eat).
>Is it true?

According to the dinosauria they were sub-adult and not juvenile, so their
lenghts would not have much longer in the adults. A metre or less, not more.
But still, Liliensternus was quite a nimble creature for it's size,
Deltadromeus is another of this fasion, so it must have hunted those poor
Rhueleria(?correct spelling) and Plateosaurs quite well. Perhaps in small
packs they hunted, mainly for reasons of that there will be enough food for
everyone in it... Imagination on the run again, so I'd better quit :)

Rutger Jansma