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Age of Formations

Greetings all,

I was just wondering if there has been any consensus on the age of the major
Late Cretaceous Argentine formations, namely:
Rio Limay
Bajo Barreal (= Laguna Palacios = Castillo)
Rio Colorado (= Allen)
Rio Neuquen
Asencio (actually in Uruguay)

I've seen just about everything from Cenomanian to Maastrichtian applied to
just about all of them.

Also, I know the Mongolian formations are a chronostratigraphic nightmare
(no convenient ash beds, no trusty marine sediments), but does this (from
Jerzykiewicz & Russell, 1991) still seem about right?

Dzun Bayan: l. Aptian - Albian ("Khukhtekian")
Bayn Shiren: Turonian - e. Campanian ("Baynshirenian")
Djadochta: m. Campanian (early "Barungoyotian")
Barun Goyot: l. Campanian (late "Barungoyotian")
Nemegt: Maastrichtian ("Nemegtian")

Basically, should I go by J&R 1991, or is my guess as good as anyone else's
in Mongolia?

Ouch, my head hurts. Maybe I would be better off reading The Hitchhiker's
Guide for the 42nd time.

Thanks a lot,
Mike D.