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RE: "Dinos XXL Size"

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> Juergen Peters
> Hello!
> I just accidentally zapped to a local TV station (NDR 3, here in Germany)
> and stopped as they aired a film by Steve Ruggi called "Dinos XXL Size"
> (German title "Dinos Größe XXL") about the theory that even big theropods
> hunted in packs.
> The very interesting film was mainly about Phil Currie's work but also
> featured HP Thomas Holtz as a commentator.
> Can anybody tell me when this was filmed (the credits were too fast for
> me...)? It already mentioned the six big (bigger than Giganotosaurus)
> unnamed (are they still?) theropods from Argentina.

This was originally a BBC Horizon special called "Extreme Dinosaurs".  To my
knowledge it hasn't been released in the U.S.  It was filmed in the summer
of 2000 (I was filmed a day or so after coming back from the Galapagos, so I
had for what passes on me as a tan... :-).

And the new giant carcharodontosaurs are still not named; paper is
apparently in process.

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