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Re: The BBC does it again.

Luis Rey writes:

<  After watching this evening what the BBC "Horizon" has done re-writing 
history once again in the presentation the 'Archaeoraptor' fiasco, I think 
there should be a serious debate of how pop science programs continue to 
present (manipulate I would say)information.>

Luis also posted that Stephen Czerkas wasn't interviewed for the program.  In 
fact, he isn't even mentioned, according to the transcript of Horizon.  Who was 
it, then, who convinced a backer to buy the specimen for his museum and was 
going to publish a paper on the find?  Who hired Tim Rowe and Phil Currie?

Horizon's sequence of events is also at odds with what was reported in Nature 
and Science in February 2000 and who told what to whom when.