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Re: Reversals

On Thu, 21 Feb 2002, Dann Pigdon wrote:

> Interestingly, humans don't have a red receptor. They have an orange
> one, and use it to interpolate what red should look like. So every time
> you look at something red, the colour you see is not the "real" colour,
> but your brain's idea of a "best guess".
> I think this is due to the fact that green vegetation reflect very
> strongly in the near infrared, hence if we could see in those
> wavelengths we'd be practically blinded everytime we went outside.
> Perhaps the lack of a true red receptor is due to the eye's evolution
> trying to avoid the near infrared, and creating a buffer zone around
> those wavelengths?

I would have thought "true red" would be based on our own visual spectrum.
How do you determine what "true red" is?

I'm still scratching my head about this one....

(Uh, should this be responded to off-list, or is there enough relevance?
I know ... do birds and crocs have "true red" receptors?)

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