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Re: Ornithopsida (was Re: Dinosauria---Rejected Name?)

From: NJPharris@aol.com
Reply-To: NJPharris@aol.com
To: dinosaur@usc.edu
Subject: Re: Ornithopsida (was Re: Dinosauria---Rejected Name?)
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 21:23:40 EST

In a message dated 2/23/02 6:40:25 PM Eastern Standard Time,
n_gardner637@hotmail.com writes:

> > >
> > > It's weird this would show up. When I was younger and thought the
> >Linnean
> > > system could be salvaged, I used Ornithopsida as a subgroup below the
> > > amniotes that contained archosaurs (including birds). I didn't realize
> >that
> > > others used it,

Wow, and I thought I had made it up. A while ago I suggested a system in
which the Amniota would be split up into Theropsida, Chelonopsida,
Herpetopsida, Suchopsida, and Ornithopsida. Each would be a stem-based taxon
with a living amniote group as inclusive anchor. It seemed like a nice,
logical system to me, but it was not well-received on-list. :-)

--Nick P.

You probably did. "Ornithopsida" isn't really a name that would be that hard to come up with by two different people. It only means "bird faces". Real easy to come up with considering that Sauropsida is "lizard faces" and Theropsida is "beast faces".

Is this what you put in your groups?

Theropsida = Mammals, "Pelycosaurs", Therapsids

Chelonopsida = Turtles and more basal anapsids

Herpetopsida = Lepidosaurs

Suchopsida = Crocodiles and their extinct relatives

Ornithopsida = Dinosaurs (inc. Birds) and Pterosaurs

wouldn't be exactly the same though as mine as what I called "ornithopsids" were archosauromorphs.

Nicholas Gardner

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