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infrasonic longnecks

I recently read a little blurb in the February 2002 edition of âOutsideâ magazine about some interesting research on low frequency communications by giraffes.  I thought this work suggested some possible analogs for sauropod communications. You can read the blurb at (scroll down to the 3rd Q&A):

Apparently the paper is still in press, but another web site gave the following citation to a presentation on this topic by Ms. von Muggenthaler:

von Muggenthaler, E., Baes, C., Hill, D., Fulk, R., Lee, A., (1999) Infrasound and low frequency vocalizations from the giraffe; Helmholtz resonance in biology, invited to the Sept. 2001 AZA conference, presented at the regional Acoust. Soc. Am. conference 2001.