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Re: Deltopectoral Crests and Condyles on the Humeri

>>Then you need multistate characters.  

Ah yes..... multistate characters.... WHAM!!! Kris gets his hand smacked by a hammer. My hat is off to you. You'd think for as long as I've been involved in this I would have figured on multistate characters. I can't believe I was so stupid. I guess that's why Dinosaurology is just a hobby of mine :-)  But, never mind that. This actually brings me to another question... A very important one in fact.

In conjunction with the results of the phylogenetic analyses you posted for me earlier, and then the percentages of this and that for which you just gave me, (I reaaaaaally appreciated them by the way) I have to ask; When those analyses were done, were multistate characters implemented? Who has actually shown multistate characters in their matrixes? If they are done at all, how often are they performed? I seriously don't think I've ever come across any, especially for the condyles on the humeri. As I see it, any traits are just not yes and no. I can't fathom things being that cut and dry. Call it my ignorance. To me, traits are variations that flex, and some become more popular in a given population. I know that it takes a lot of time to build a matrix, and you can't add everything to it. You put into it things you want to add and look at. It's all the author's discrepancy. I understand that. But, I just see that if you want to get a really fine picture of what is going ! on! ! , you need to cut up the pie more.... If you know what I'm saying. This would really eliminate supposed "gaps" and "jumps" and show them to be within variations in a species.... Some variations are kept while others fade.... Simple as that really. How I see it, when a trait becomes a hot point, only then does the sucker gets put into matrixes and the pie starts to get cut up. I do hope that this is started with NGCM 91..... the arm is just so avian. I think so anyway. I could be wrong. Like I said, this is just a hobby.

Anyway.. I'm babbling.... I have to thank you once again for those percentages and such. They are definitely going to allow me to formulate some specific questions.  Great stuff.... I appreciate it.